(a)                            NVS shall strive to maintain equitable distribution of its employees, through its transfer policy, in a transparent way to ensure efficient functioning of the organization, with special regard to protect academic interest of students and optimize job satisfaction amongst employees.


(b)                            Employees are liable to be transferred anywhere in India at any point of time and transfer to a desired location can’t be claimed as a matter of right. While effecting transfers, the organizational interest shall be given uppermost consideration and that the problems and constraints of employee shall remain subservient.


(c)                            Posting of adequate female teaching cadre employees in each Vidyalaya is to be ensured for safety and security of girl students. It will, however, be ensured that the strength of female staff in a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya  is not less than 20% and not more than 60% of the total strength of teaching cadre, in any case.


(d)                            Displacement of staff will be done in a phased manner, through a process of counselling and in overall interest of the organization.




(a)          An employee on initial posting after recruitment/promotion will not be considered for request transfer before he completes the prescribed mandatory tenure/normal tenure at his initial place of posting. 


(b)          Transfer/posting to a choice place/desired station shall not be claimed as a matter of right. Some crucial determinants for such transfers are as under:


i)                    Availability of a clear-cut vacancy.


ii)                  Domain expertise of an employee.


iii)                Performance of an employee against tangible parameters wherever possible, for example, CBSE results, APAR Grading in the last five years or such other parameters as may be prescribed from time to time for different posts.


iv)                Factors such as: due for retirement, medical problems faced by an employee or family members, spouse working at a station etc.


v)                  Redeployment of surplus staff in excess of sanctioned strength at a location to other location against sanctioned vacancies.


(c)     Teaching & non-teaching employees recruited at Regional Office level will be posted in that region only and their case for transfer to out of region on request will be considered only after 10 years of service in that region.


(d)    Teaching staff upto TGT and Non-Teaching Staff who have a regional cadre can be considered for transfer out of Region on request after completing the mandatory tenure/normal tenure. In case of transfer out of the region on request they will loose their seniority and will be placed next to last incumbent joined/promoted in that particular year in that cadre of the Region transferred to. In case, Samiti orders for transfer on administrative grounds to any other region including, NER and hard & very hard stations, seniority of the employee will not be affected and seniority of such employees will be maintained by their parent region.


(e)    Request of direct recruitees for transfer from the place of their first posting shall not be considered, before completion of their normal tenure where prescribed except posting to  JNVs located at hard & very hard stations, and  after successful completion of their probation period.


(f)      Request transfer of persons posted on promotion will not be considered before completion of their normal tenure where prescribed at respective stations.


(g)    Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners posted in the Regional Offices shall not be posted to region which has the jurisdiction over their home district except three years before their superannuation.  They will also not be posted back at the station where they have completed their tenure once.


(h)     An employee recruited under “Special Recruitment Drive for NER/Hard & difficult stations” shall not be considered for transfer out of region before completion of mandatory tenure as mentioned in the advertisement of the said recruitment drive. However, their transfer may be considered from one Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya to another after completion of three years of service within the notified areas of NER/Hard & very hard stations for which they have been recruited.


(i)      The employees transferred on administrative grounds will not be transferred back to same station from where they were transferred out on the administrative grounds.


(j)      No employee of the Vidyalayas, except those who are recruited at Vidyalaya level itself, will be posted or transferred to his/her home district.


(k)     Transfers on request will normally be made at the commencement of academic session i.e. between April to August of the year. However, transfers on account of serious illness, when it is not practicable to defer the transfer till next year without causing serious danger to the life of the employee, his spouse or his ailing son/daughter, may be effected by competent authority at any time during the year against available vacancy.



(l)      Transfer orders issued by the Samiti on request basis with due approval of the competent authority will normally not be cancelled. In case, in exceptional circumstances, a decision is taken to cancel the order, the incumbent will be debarred for transfer on own request for period of three years from the date of cancellation of order. Cases for cancellation of transfer orders will be entertained only if the previous post from where the employee has been transferred, is  still vacant.


(m)   Attempt to bring any political or other outside influence for transfer on any superior authority of the Samiti shall be treated as misconduct and would be liable for disciplinary action under CCS(CCA) Rules.


(n)     The applications for request transfer shall be routed through proper channel without endorsing its copy to any higher authorities of the Samiti. No action will be taken on the applications, if any, sent by the employees in violation of prescribed channel of submission.


(o)    PGT/TGT/NT staff who are more than 50 years of age as on 1st January of the concerned year and persons with disabilities will be exempted from displacement for purpose of posting to Shillong Region or other hard and difficult stations.


(p)    All employees who are less than 50 years of age will be posted on their next promotion to North-Eastern Region and other Hard & difficult areas, against the available vacancies.


(q)    Employees due for retirement within two years as on 1st January will not be normally considered for transfer except in case covered under 6(a) & (c).


(r)     Efforts will be made to ensure that persons with disabilities are posted closer to their home town subject to availability of vacancies and other provisions of these guidelines.


(s)     These guidelines regarding transfer are meant essentially for the internal use of the Samiti and do not vest any employee with any right.









Mandatory Tenure

The term shall be applicable only in respect of NER & hard & very hard notified stations by the Samiti and will be 3 Years for NER & hard stations and 2 years for very hard stations as on 1st January of the year


Normal Tenure

As prescribed under Clause 4, as on 1st January of the year.



Movement of an employee from a station to another station after completion of prescribed tenure or on account of public exigency/interest/administrative grounds.



Displacement means to transfer an employee from the present place of posting to a new station/place for the purpose of accommodating another employee in his/her place. This is applicable for (i) unifying the couple in a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, (ii) giving choice place of posting to the employee coming from NER/Hard & difficult stations after completion of mandatory tenure and (iii) posting a female employee to in/out balance the male & female ratio in a JNV.


Hard/very hard station

As notified by the Samiti from time to time.


Physically challenged employee

Those who are in receipt of conveyance allowance from the Samiti at double the rate prescribed for other employees.



Annual Performance Appraisal Report of the employee






A JNV or any other office of Samiti located in a place.



Medical Ground cases of Self, Spouse and dependent children– separately defined in Annexure-I



Incidence of death of spouse/own son/own daughter, if occurred in the last one year prior to the 1st January of the year.



Due for Retirement within next three years as on 1st January of the year


Transfer Count

Total score of points allotted to different factors relevant for a “request transfer” as per clause 11.


Displacement Count

Total score of points allotted to different factors that determine the displacement of an employee from a station as per clause 08.


Surplus Staff

Staff in excess of sanctioned strength



Cut of marks prescribed on year to year basis below which the case will not be considered for Displacement by the Samiti



Cut of marks prescribed on year to year basis to consider cases of request transfer by the Samiti


4.      TENURE


The normal tenure of stay at particular station prescribed for certain posts in the Vidyalaya will be, as specified below:-


S. No.


Normal tenure prescribed at one station (in years)


Principal / Vice Principal

05 years

(03 years in case of hard & North East Region)


PGT/TGT/Misc. Teachers

10 years

(03 years in case of hard and North East Region. 02 years for very hard & difficult station)


Office Superintendent

05 years

(03 years in case of hard and North East Region)



Staff Nurse, Catering Assistant, UDC, LDC/Store Keeper

10 years

(03 years in case of hard and North East Region. 02 years for very hard & difficult station)


Teaching staff recruited under Spl. Recruitment Drive conducted by the Samiti with a pre-condition to serve at particular station/area for pre-fixed term.

As mentioned in the offer of appointment


Non-teaching staff of JNVs will be transferred to another Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in the same region on completion of prescribed tenure.




Transfer may broadly be classified in two types viz., (i) administrative transfer, which the Samiti orders suo motto in the exigencies of service and administration and in public interest, and (ii) request transfer which is effected based on the request of an employee.  This classification includes intra regional and inter regional transfer.




Through such transfer NVS shall ordinarily:


(a)                     Redeploy surplus staff in excess of sanctioned strength at a location to other location against sanctioned vacancies.


(b)                     To balance the prescribed male/female ratio of teaching employee in a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya


(c)                     Displace an employee whose continuance at particular station is not conducive from administrative point of view


(d)                     Post employees in hard/very hard/ NER stations.


Method for effecting administrative transfers


(a)   Administrative transfer under clause 6 (a) shall be effected in the very first instance against the available vacancies within in the region and in case no vacancy is available within the same Region then in adjoining Regions. through options of surplus staff. If no option is exercised by the employee despite the vacancy being notified & persons asked to exercise their option, then Samiti shall go ahead with the posting in the manner as it may deem fit. In such circumstances, no representation from the employee or on his behalf, if any, shall be entertained.


(b)   For, transfer cases covered under 6(b), the employees will be invited to participate in the counselling process by opting for their choice, if any, and their transfer order shall be issued based on the outcome of the counselling process failing which by displacement count in decreasing order.


Where there is a tie in the displacement count of the employees, the male employee shall be transferred. In case of a tie between the same gender, the employee with earlier date of joining in the Samiti shall be transferred. In case, date of joining also coincidence for two or more employees, then the youngest employee shall be transferred.  


(c)   As regards administrative transfer of employees covered under Sl.No. 6 (c), NVS(Hqrs.) may transfer the employee to a station/JNV as found appropriate on the basis of detailed inquiry as considered deemed fit in the case and after recording reasons of such transfers. Transfers will not be used as a punitive measure.


(d)   Administrative transfer under 6(d) shall be effected as stated in Para 7 below.




(I)         One mandatory tenure of posting in NER and hard/very hard stations will be compulsory for the following employees of the Samiti:-


A.                 Vidyalaya Cadre :        Teaching staff (TGT & above)

Non-teaching staff (Office Superintendent)


B.                 HQ/RO Cadre   :           Assistant/Audit Assistant and above


The prescribed mandatory tenure for above mentioned category of employees is three years for serving in NER and hard stations and two years for very hard stations (as notified by the Samiti from time to time). When a person has successfully worked in different Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas in NER/hard and very hard stations without any gap or break, the entire period of continuous service in such areas/stations will be considered for purposes of determining whether he has completed the minimum prescribed tenure or otherwise. Leave of more than 30 days in a single span, availed by the official, will not be counted for determining total period of stay at hard & difficult stations/ NER stations for transfer purpose.


(II)                One of the priorities of the Samiti is to fill up the vacancies of teaching staff in NER & hard & very hard stations. This is required to be filled up in two ways – (a) by posting the employees who are willing to serve there (b) by displacing the employees working at other stations who have not been posted in NER & hard & difficult stations earlier and also have not given their willingness to serve there.


(III)               Willingness will be invited from the employees desirous to serve in NER & hard & difficult stations after displaying the vacancy position on Samiti’s website. Based on the willingness given by the employees, posting orders will be straightway issued for filling up of vacancies by March/April. These categories of employees are not required to participate in the counselling process. Left over vacancies, shall be filled up invoking the displacement count.


(IV)            If, the teacher who is picked up for displacement has a spouse working there in the Samiti, then THE said spouse will also be transferred to NER/Hard & difficult stations. Efforts will be made to accommodate both of them in one Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. In case, it is not possible TO ACCOMMODATE BOTH COUPLES IN THE SAME JNV for want of vacancies (both being of the same subject), THEY will be posted in nearby Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas.


(V)              After completion of the tenure (as stated under Clause 4), employees posted in NER Region and hard & difficult stations may submit their requests in prescribed format stating five choices regarding place of posting in order of preference. Their transfer shall be effected on the basis of “Transfer Count” in decreasing order.


(VI)            On completion of mandatory tenure at NER/hard & difficult stations, the employee will be given posting of his choice as under:-


a)                 Choice Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya against available vacancy


b)                 Choice State/region against available vacancies.




Displacement Count of an employee shall be computed by assigning appropriate points to such appropriate factors considered material for displacement as per the following:







Stay at a station in the same post as on 1st January in complete years


  • Period of absence from duty on any account shall also be counted for this purpose.
  • If an employee returns to a station X on request after being transferred from X within three years (two years for very hard station), the stay of such an employee at X shall be no. of years spent at X before being transferred plus no. of years spent after coming at X.  However, if an employee returns to stations after a mandatory period of three years (two years for very hard station) the stay shall be counted afresh.

+ 02 points for each completed years


Annual Performance Appraisal Report Grading for the last five years

+02 for each below benchmark grading




Employees below 50 years (as on 1st January of the year) who have not completed one tenure at hard/very hard/NE stations.



DFR/DFP/MG cases (-10 for each case)




Spouse, of Central/State Government/PSU employee other than NVS and posted at the same station



Physically challenged employee ( as defined in Annexure-II)




Employee who is spouse of a NVS employee and

(a) Posted in the same State

(b) Posted at the same station





Displacement Count

Total score of all the points


(i)                 A cut off mark(D1) on Displacement Count may be prescribed on year to year basis below which an employee shall not be displaced in a particular year except under Clause 6(a) & 6(b).


(ii)               More factors can be added/deleted and points allocated for different factors can be altered on year to year basis to remediate any imbalance resulting in transfer. Changes shall be notified well in advance before inviting transfer applications.


(iii)             Exemption can be given to an employee or group of employees from displacement for a period not exceeding one year owing to circumstances or such other administrative exigencies justifying such exemption by the Commissioner, NVS after recording reasons justifying such exemptions.










Active Stay at a station as on 1st January. Periods of continuous absence from duty of 30 days or more on any account shall not be counted.

+02 for each complete year


Annual Performance Appraisal Report Grading for the last three years

If the report for any of the last three years is not written or is unavailable no point shall be given for the relevant year(s)

+02 for outstanding grading for each year


Spouse, if working in NVS at the requested station.


If working in JNV of the adjoining District of requested station. (In case both are in same cadre/subject/post)





Spouse, other than NVS if working in government sector at the requested station or its adjoining District



DFP/MG/DFR Cases (+10 for each case)



Completion of tenure in hard/NER stations.

Very hard stations.

Points shall be given only when an employee applies for transfer after completing the tenure at hard/very hard/NER station(s).




Physically challenged employee

If an employee has already secured a request transfer in previous year(s) on the basis of these additional points the points shall not given again in the same post.



Woman employee

Clarification: Women employees eligible for points under serial no. 3, 4 & 5 herein above shall not be eligible for the points.



Transfer count

Total score of all the points


9.1    Method for Request Transfer basing on “Transfer count”


(a)         Request Transfer for a post at a location/station shall be accommodated in decreasing order of “Transfer Count” computed on the basis of clause 10 of competing employees.


(b)         In case of a tie in the transfer count of two or more employees competing for a location the female employee shall be preferred first.


(c)         In case of tie in two or more employees of the same gender an employee with an earlier date of joining in present post in present station shall be accommodated and in case, if the date of joining in present post in present station also coincides then the older employee shall be first accommodated.


(d)         Transfer counts of all request transfer applications shall be displayed for all concerned before and during the process of counselling and shall automatically become in fructuous after the expiry of counselling process of the year concerned.


i)                    Provided, a cut off mark(C1) on transfer count may be prescribed on year to year basis in such a way that an employee whose transfer count is equal to (C1) or more may be transferred to one of the desired locations(s) opted by the employee.


ii)                  Provided, more factors can be added/deleted, points allocated for different factors can be altered to remediate any imbalance resulting in transfers, on year to year basis. Changes shall be notified well in advance before inviting applications.





10.1 After filling up the vacancies in NER/Hard & Difficult stations, and adjustment of surplus staff the remaining vacancies shall be filled up through counselling process. The process of counselling should cover the transfer cases related to 6(b) and transfer on request of the employee concerned.  All staff of JNVs except Principal & Vice Principal who are above the cut off Transfer Count decided by the Samiti and desirous of seeking transfer will be invited to participate in the counselling process which will be conducted at a single venue decided by the NVS(Hqrs) on a specified date & time between May & June of every year. Employees desirous of request transfer will submit an application form in prescribed format duly signed by the employee concerned and countersigned by the Principal of the JNV, to Regional Office who after verifying their service particulars, will send its abstract to NVS(Hqrs) latest by 30th April. Employees will bring another copy of application form to the place of counselling on the scheduled date and time together with transfer count”. The transfer on request basis will be considered against available vacancies based on their transfer count in decreasing order, not being below the cut-off mark (C1).


10.2 NVS may invite request transfer from such employees at an opportune time at the beginning of an academic year in such form and manner as deemed appropriate from time to time and consider such requests for transfer to desired station keeping organizational interest uppermost in consideration.


10.3 After counselling process at the national level is over, Regional Office concerned will conduct the counselling process at their level for effecting the transfer of non-teaching staff below Office Superintendent in the manner as in 10.1.


10.4 Request transfer of Regional Language Teachers are elaborated under Clause 13.






The normal tenure of stay at particular station prescribed for certain posts, as specified below by the Samiti:-


S. No.


Normal tenure prescribed at one station (in years)


Deputy Commissioner  Hqrs/RO

03 years


Assistant Commissioner / Executive Engineer

05 years

(03 years in case of hard & North East Region)


Principal / Vice Principal / Section Officers & equivalent

05 years

(03 years in case of hard & North East Region)


Assistant/Audit Assistant

05 years

(03 years in case of hard & North East Region)


a)                       Administrative Transfer:


Employees may be transferred from their present place of posting even before completion of the tenure to a station/location as decided by NVS (Hqrs.) on account of circumstances mention under Clause 6(c) and (d) above.




b)                       Request Transfer:


After completion of the tenure as stated above, employees may submit their requests in prescribed format stating five choices regarding place of posting in order of preference. Their transfer shall be effected subject to 2(g), (i) & (j) above on the basis of “Transfer Count”  as detailed in Para 9 above in decreasing order.


In absence of their request, the transfer may be decided on the basis of “Displacement Count” as detailed in Para 8 above in decreasing order.




Subject to the general powers of the Commissioner to effect all manner of transfers of employees of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, transfers of the kind shown below will be effected by the authorities shown against them:-



Type of transfers

Authority competent to make transfer



Inter-Regional Transfers:

(a)   In respect of Principals of JNVs and Group ‘A’ officers at Hqrs., Regional Office & NLI.


(b)   In respect of Vice-Principals, PGT’s, TGT’s  non-teaching staff of JNVs Section Officer & below at Hqrs., Regional Offices & NLI


Commissioner, NVS





Jt. Commissioner (Admn.)


Intra-Regional Transfers

(a)         Principals of JNVs


(b)            Vice-Principals/PGTs/ TGTs/Misc. Category of teachers/Staff Nurse & Office Superintendent of JNVs


(c)    Other non-teaching staff of JNVs


a)    Commissioner, NVS



b)    Jt. Commissioner(Admn.)





c)     Deputy Commissioner of the

        Regional Office concerned.




13.1    With a view to provide opportunities to Regional Language Teachers working outside their native State to get posting in their native State, the rotational transfer policy of existing Regional Language Teachers will be regulated as under: -


i)       Vacancies available in the native States may be filled up by transfer of Regional Language Teachers working outside the native States as per the length of their stay without insisting upon five years tenure.


ii)      Regional Language Teachers working in other regions / Hindi Speaking States who have completed 5 years of stay outside their native State will be considered for transfer to their native States and the teachers who are working in native States for 5 years and above will be transferred in their places provided no vacancies are available in their native State.


iii)     Such transfers outside  native states shall be restricted to the extent of the teachers working in Hindi speaking States who request for transfer to native States.


iv)     Transfer of Regional Language Teachers posted outside the native States will also be made against the vacancies available in their native States.


v)      The rotational transfers shall be made in accordance with the length of service rendered in their native States / outside native `State.


vi)     On rotational transfers their seniority shall be protected in their region of recruitment.


vii)    Recruitment of Regional Language Teachers for available vacancies may be made by the concerned Region where the vacancy is available and the selected teachers will have to serve in the region of their recruitment only.


viii)   Existing Regional Language Teachers will continue to be governed by the present policy of rotational transfer till such teachers remain outside their native States.


13.2   Exemption from rotational transfer of Regional Language Teachers


i)          Teachers who are more than 50 years of age so that they can concentrate of settlement of their children.


ii)         In case of Husband and wife both working in JNVs in their native State, special exemption will be accorded from rotational transfer, in case of non-availability of vacancies at one station to accommodate the both officials. 


iii)        Extreme medical ground.





Deputy Commissioner shall be competent to change the headquarters of a teacher for a period not exceeding 45 days an academic session to any other school within the region on following grounds of administrative exigencies only:-


(i)         In case no person is available for engagement on part-time contract basis to fill a vacancy (including a leave vacancy) in a school, and


(ii)        For ensuring better utilization of manpower.


However, the Deputy Commissioner shall take due care while changing such headquarters temporarily so that the academic interest of the students at the employee’s present place of posting are not adversely affected.




          Transfer TA as per Rules will be admissible in following cases:-


a)           Case of transfer on “administrative grounds” including transfers in Public Interest.

b)           Case of “rotational transfers” of TGTs (Regional Language) to / out of native State.

c)            Request transfers only in following circumstances: -


i)                    Where request transfer is effected against a vacancy in a school located in a hard and difficult area, or


ii)         Where a person posted in school in a hard & very hard area is transferred out on request on completion of prescribed minimum tenure.





Notwithstanding anything contained in the guidelines, the Commissioner with the prior approval of the Chairman, NVS, shall be competent to transfer any employee to any place in relaxation of any or all of the above provisions after recording reasons justifying such relaxation.




Commissioner, NVS shall be the sole competent authority to interpret above provisions and pass such other order(s) as deemed appropriate and essential to facilitate the implementation of the guidelines for the purpose of effect control and administration of the NVS as a whole.




Employees shall not bring in any outside influence; if such an influence from whichever source espousing the cause of an employee is received it shall be presumed that the same has been brought in by the employee. The request of such an employee shall not be considered. Action may also be initiated against such an employee under relevant service rules.